What are the methods and their advantages for the pest control of the termites?

There are a various methods which one can use so that the termites are under control. Depending on the size of your property the most convenient method will be adopted so that the most effective outcome is achieved. Here are a few methods that help in the pest control for the termites.

Bait Stations: In this method you have to set up a station for monitoring around the property that needs to undergo pest control in order to confirm the presence of the pests. When the activity of termites is found the monitoring stations will change into the bait stations. The advantage of this method is that it is really easy to install. Also you can get do- it yourself kits for the bait system which are cheap and also easily available. Also these systems are eco- friendly.

The use of liquid chemical: In this method a chemical called termiticide is being used on the soil. This method will help in controlling the population of the termites that exist and will also protect against an infestation in the future. The benefit of this method is that it is a reliable method. When you apply the liquid chemical around your property it will act as a barrier and then the termites will not make an entry into your property. This is also considered to be a much cheaper alternative compared to the rest.

The Termite Fumigation Gas: This method is being recommended for an infestation of the dry wood termites. This method helps in reaching areas that are difficult and which the other methods cannot reach. The perks of this method are the fumigant is non- flammable and also the gas that is been used is evaporated quickly and no residue is left behind.

What are the reasons for the causes of the infestation of the termites?

One of the reasons could be the use of wood to build something in the backyard or in the house. Wood is the food for the termites. So in order to build whatever you need, you will have to make sure that you use wood that will not attract the termites. Also keeping plants near the sides of your house might be a reason for the invasion of the termites. You need to be sure that no part of the plants be it the roots or even the leaves touch the house. Moisture is another thing that fascinates the termites so you need to keep your home free from moisture. Pipes that leak are a common cause for moisture. Get all this fixed and then you can have your house free from the attack of termites.

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