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Factors to Consider when Buying a Baby Crib

Planning is required whenever you are expecting a baby. The crib must have all the safety standards to ensure that the baby sleeps comfortably and doesn’t suffer from any physical injuries from the crib. Here are some factors that you should consider when identifying the right crib to buy.

First, you need to go for a new crib. It is not advisable for you to go for a secondhand crib because it may be old and may not meet the required safety standards. Whenever new cribs are produced, there are new safety features that are introduced by the manufacturers. For this reason, acquiring an old crib will mean that the safety of your baby will be compromised in a way. Even new cribs are defective hence you should still be careful. The manufacture date has to be looked at because there are new cribs that may have been manufactured long time ago. You will also need to measure the spaces between the slats to ensure that they aren’t far apart.

You should also test the strength of the crib and look at the workmanship as well. There are some cribs which are generally weak and may be risky for your infant. If the crib is wooden, you should check for any cracks. A good crib shouldn’t have any cracks. The frames have to been fastened using a metallic bar and the slats should be intact if the crib is new. You shouldn’t rely on the strength of the cribs on display because they may not have been fastened properly. You should get a secure crib which is simple and basic and you will end up saving some money because they are relatively cheaper. You are supposed to avoid buying drop-side models of cribs because they have caused several deaths amongst babies using them. A simple crib will safe your child from getting strangled in case the clothing gets trapped between the finials.

You should also get the crib mattress on the same day that you buy the crib bed. This is to ensure that the mattress fits properly into the crib. The quality, size, and standard of the mattress should be checked as well before purchasing it. You will also need to acquire bed sheets for the crib and ensure that they fit into the crib perfectly well. If the crib sheets don’t fit well, the baby may be able to pull them up and they may strangle them. Since the cribs come in an unassembled manner, you will have to do the assembling by yourself or seek for help from experts. You can thus look for an expert in assembling cribs to help you in assembling that crib for you if you haven’t done it before. There are some sellers who will dispatch their staff to come and assemble the crib on behalf of their clients.
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