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A Guide on How You Can Easily Obtain Your W-2 Form

It is essential to get your W-2 from your employer. This is especially when you have switched jobs. Generally, the W-2 form will act as some statement carrying both your tax and wage information. In most of the cases, whatever you received from your employer in terms of compensation will be included in your W-2 form. This could be a year or so. This form also shows whether you owe tax amount. With a W-2 form, you also get to know the amount you have as a tax refund if you happen to be entitled. Every kind of information found in the W-2 form may determine your earnings. Having the W-2 form is very important. Obtaining a W-2 form is very important and one should do all means possible in the event where one caught up with time. So that you can obtain your W-2 from your employer in this case, you will need to bear in mind some factors.

The first thing that you should do is contacting your employer. This is especially if you recently moved from one job to another. In this case, you will need to ask the former organization’s Human Resource officer for a copy. You will be needed to give out your correct address to avoid problems. You may also consider contacting your former employer directly especially if the organization did not have a Human Resource personnel. The request you make to your former boss should be made in the right way.

Another action that you may consider taking is using your payroll to obtain the W-2 form. What you will need to do in this case is to carry out your research. Approach and get in touch with your payroll master. To reach out your payroll admin can use a phone call. To make your request to the payroll master, you may also consider using the emails. When you are giving details about your employment ensure you are clear and straightforward as possible. There are some cases where your payroll master will reply that W-2 was already sent. In that case, counter check with the admin on the date when it was sent. Where you don’t find form, you may consider asking for a replacement copy.

Contacting your internal revenue service is another option that you may consider. This could be your last thing to think about if every other option never worked for you. The internal revenue service will require you to provide information regarding your previous employer. More to that, you will also need to provide information about your salary or wage. You will be required to provide your boss’ number of identification so that you can easily obtain your W-2 form.

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