Should You Have a Shower or Bath?

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Before you take out that tub or shower you need to think about the benefits of having a tub and or a shower. Home value aside, do you know which is better at cleaning; taking a bath or taking a shower? True is, you probably have never given it much thought whether you shower or bathe. Taking a shower or taking a bath probably all depends on how much time you have. Since you are looking to remodel your bathroom you really need to know the answer to the pending question: is one bathing option healthier than the other? According to an article, when it comes to cleaning oneself, most people will stick with whatever works best for them. If you are confused about this whole topic, let’s try to clear it up for you. Some of the benefits of showering include: it takes less time, it’s effective, you have the option to use hot and cold (hydrotherapy), and it feels great to have water massaging you. The benefits of taking a bath in a tub include: may reduce pain, helps your circulation, and it’s relaxing to soak in a tub. Baths have been around for a very long time therefore, could baths be superior to showers? Although most people think that showering uses less water than baths, it actually depends on how quick of a shower you take of if you have a shower head that lets you control how much water is coming out. Soaking in a bath tub is a great time to relax and unwind. So, the answer to the question on whether to take a bath or take a shower all depends on what method you have access to and how much time you have to spare.

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