How To Clean Kitchen Equipment From Stainless Steel

Kitchen appliances have various types and of course various materials. Some examples of materials used for kitchen equipment such as ceramics, melamine materials, plastic materials, glass materials, stainless steel materials and so forth. Various materials have their own way for the process of maintenance and cleaning process in order to be durable for use in the long term so that it can save the expenses of housewives

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are one of the most popular and contemporary materials currently used or used by housewives today for their collection and needs in the kitchen because they have good enough resistance to heat, corrosion, and food stains. Equipment made from stainless steel has chromium content in it which can usually easily react or interact directly to oxygen in the free air and will form a protective layer. how to remove the crust on a stainless steel pan

This protective coating is useful to prevent the appearance of rusts that may interfere with the health of the body and can reduce permanent stains and spots for a certain period of time. Thus it is necessary once to clean your kitchen equipment regularly and regularly so kitchen equipment can durable. Here’s how to clean kitchen equipment made of stainless steel, see his tips here.

1. Soak Kitchen Equipment With Cold Water

This method is powerful enough to care for your stainless steel kitchen appliances because by doing the action of soaking stainless steel equipment when it is still hot, it will make it easier to lift and soften the remnants of food that is in the bottom of the container so that the cleaning process becomes easier

2. Use Sponge Soap Cleaner And Dish Washing Soap

This one way is commonly used by housewives today. It’s easy to pour the laundry soap into a cleaning sponge, wet the sponge with water, knead until foamy, then apply it to your stainless steel appliances, rubbing evenly and thoroughly so that no stains are left behind

3. Using Lemon Juice

After stainless steel equipment is cleaned, it is good to apply lemon juice with a way to spread it evenly and thoroughly to all its parts without missing. In addition to reducing the odor generated and oil left behind from food scraps, lemon lemon feelings are also powerful to maintain cleanliness and make stainless steel remains shiny. Do it this way regularly and regularly

4. Using Olive Oil

Doing polishing equipment made of stainless steel not only has the purpose to make or return the original shiny nature of the stainless steel itself, but also can be used to protect the surface. If you find little scratches or peeling, olive oil can be used to polish your stainless steel to restore it. The use of olive oil can also be used to treat stainless steel equipment.

How to apply it quite easy, after the cleaning process using water and dish washing soap, you can polish it with olive oil to maximize the cleanliness of your equipment. Pour the olive oil onto a dry cloth and rub it all over the whole evenly and thoroughly. Try at the time of wiping adjust the direction of stainless steel fibers to avoid small scratches on your stailess steel equipment. Allow a few minutes after the application process. Do not forget to wipe back with a dry cloth or tissue.