Four reasons to install secondary glazing during summer

Double glazing is a great way to keep heat in a building and can improve the energy efficiency of a home or workspace, but many people do not realise that there are benefits of secondary glazing during warmer months.

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Although it is during the colder periods that people think of upgrading or installing their windows and doors, there are many reasons why you should consider it any time of the year, when it may be more convenient for you both financially and in terms of your lifestyle.

Before appointing an installer, check that they can provide a FENSA certificate after completing the work. FENSA is a government-backed scheme monitoring compliance with building regulations.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider contacting a firm today.

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Secondary glazing works by controlling heat transference from one side of a window or door to the other. It stops heat escaping from your building when the temperature is lower outside, but also limits the heat entering the property on hot days. Every building has an optimum temperature which occupants like to keep constant, and so double glazing can help achieve this all year round.


You may live or own premises in an area which gets busier during the summer months, such as a popular holiday destination. Road and traffic noise can be effectively reduced by installing double glazing. Also, as the evenings lengthen, neighbours may spend more time in the garden areas around your building, either entertaining or using noisy garden appliances. Double glazing cuts out a lot of these noises meaning less disturbance for you.


You may be leaving your property for lengthy periods during the summer months or closing your business for a long shutdown. Double glazed windows and doors offer improved security with internal locking mechanisms and glass which is tough to break.


Property and furnishings can be damaged by exposure to lengthy periods of sunlight, but no one wants to sit behind blinds and closed curtains on a summer’s day. Double glazing can reduce the UV rays which enter and cause this damage.

With all these benefits why not call an installation firm today?