Four common freezer problems and how to resolve them

Nobody likes the crushing realisation that something has gone wrong with their freezer. Most of us will instantly think the worst, calculating how much it will cost us to fix any crucial errors before the food spoils and makes a bad situation even worse; however, before jumping to the worst conclusion, take a second to think. We have compiled a list of five of the most common freezer problems and how you can resolve them.

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1. Strange noises

Many of us will have had an old freezer that is generally a little noisy; however, what can you do when your freezer starts making more concerning noises? Anything from clicking or sizzling all the way through to gargling can be a cause for concern, but don’t despair just yet. This can mean that the evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced, which can be done without calling out a handyman.

2. The fridge is leaking

If you notice a pool of water around your freezer, the likely culprit is the defrost drain being frozen over or clogged. The fix for this is simply cleaning out the defrost drain and provided there is nothing else causing the issue, it shouldn’t cost you a thing!

Of course, there will be times when the repair is just too big or costly and you need to replace your machine altogether. Why not consider a display freezer from a stockist such as This type is also great for commercial use.

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3. Frost everywhere

If there is a frost build-up in your freezer, this could be down to the fact that your defrost heater needs to be replaced. It could also mean a more simple issue, such as the fact that the door wasn’t closed properly the last time you used it or even that the temperature is just set too low and needs to be raised.

4. Freezer not running

This is possibly the most concerning issue to encounter. If your freezer has stopped working altogether, the first step is not to panic. Check whether the power is flowing correctly to the machine – it might be something as simple as a shorted fuse or broken power socket. Once you have ruled this out, it is time to consider that the main controls might have a malfunction.