The New Way for Light in Fine Antiques

In the styling of antiques, the objects themselves can not evolve, but the ways in which we use them should. The element of antiques that keeps people’s interest is the history and story within them. Providing light in a home has a long history starting with fires and evolving into chandeliers. The purpose has changed and evolved from necessity to luxury. We can tell this history and keep it alive with the way we use our fine European antiques in today’s design aesthetic. The chandelier in its invention was tied to class and wealth. They were only seen in churches, abbeys and gathering areas as they were expensive. It is hard to look at any chandelier without feeling a bit of extravagance.

Chandeliers of all kinds are still apart of high-end decor around the world. It has even found a place amongst more functional basic layouts as a centerpiece or focal point. A way to provide light within a building has become one of the most important design aspects in decor today. No matter the design aesthetic, high-end antique chandeliers have gone from only appearing in entryways of grand halls to small DIY cabins in the woods. One fine antique chandelier from Europe can take a modern minimalist layout and turn it infinitely welcoming and warm.

Those looking for Baccarat Chandeliers look for masters of the craft of blown glass that have become recognizable around the world. Some makers keep the old technique and customization of chandelier making alive while keeping up with the design aesthetics of the modern world. Their work and pieces can be seen from hotels to residences, from Russia to Peru. Their success has been one similar to the chandelier itself. A mastered piece must fit into the functional world while holding onto its story of luxury and elegance. It must pull attention, but not dominate a room. It is there to provide beauty and create an inviting ambiance. Makers have learned how to evolve the chandelier to fit into any design plot. They are passionate about customization so they can match your existing high-end antiques or match a modern palette.

Lighting elements in decor provide a sense of welcoming and comfort. When the first chandeliers were hung, candles were the only choice of light source. Now the craft of glass blowing has taken the necessity for large amounts of light into luxury. Once gas and electricity became common the craft of chandeliers went completely luxury. There was time to play with refracting and reflecting light. Crystal cutting and glass carving techniques make an even more extravagant light show. If you are a fine antique lover, you can illuminate your pieces with the perfect chandelier that fits perfectly into the history of your antiques even if it was created recently. In the opposite way, a fine euro antique chandelier can hold its own in a minimalist modern stark grayscale room.

Light is timeless. An element easily manipulated into whatever you want it to be. From high-end antiques to the modern functional design, we can now mix the two and still evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth.