Good Business Website Design


If your business is marketing online, you need to be on page one of Google! A well designed website will provide you with a platform for selling your goods and services.

There are literally hundreds of website designs that are available to make your business have a good impression and stand out online.

You’ll need dependable hosting for the site, so that any problems will be handled by the same provider, giving you peace of mind!

The challenge!

Finding the right keyword combinations for your business offerings.

A Utah DUI law firm website for example, should provide at least the basics; Attorney and firm information, legal services offered, hours of operation and any pricing options.

We need to consider a few basic questions about what we want and how our business site can provide a solution by being online.

  • Is the site easy to maintain?
  • Will you be able to add new and interesting content?
  • Does it provide statistic evaluation of traffic and keyword trends which can be used to boost sales!
  • Good Technical Support?

Business Website Design

These points should be considered when implementing your own website design

  • Performance and usability, the site should load quickly, be user friendly with good quality images, readable text and easily navigated
  • The website design and keyword combinations should be implemented with the target audience in mind
  • Client testimonials, high quality images, text which gives informative product and service descriptions, including the basics like services rendered and hours of operation
  • Services or products offered, should be categorized and sub categorized for ease of navigation
  • Result filtering is a good option such as by specialty, as in the example above- Utah DUI Attorney. Customer online reviews can also add extra confidence in doing business with a company
  • Any shopping carts should be secure, easy to use and have flexible payment options
  • The transaction Process should be customer friendly and informative
  • Customer Service should be excellent from providing invoice and tracking information to dealing with queries promptly and effectively

Remembering the old adage – The Customer is Always Right!

Evaluate customer service from competing websites to determine if the site is user friendly!

Satisfied customers come back!

  • Is the online experience for customers informative?
  • Is the website simple to navigate?
  • Specific information search is quick and easy to use?
  • Is the contact information east to locate?

Offering flexible payment options

Is the Customer service good, does it have good email follow-up and tracking information on website visitors and are queries answered promptly?

These are a few simple questions which can help determine if you have a good website on which to present your business to the online world.