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A Guide to Wedding Unity Sand.

The wedding unity sand is also referred to as the wedding sand ceremony and usually symbolizes unity of those involved. This form of wedding is currently famous as compared to the traditional unity candle lighting ceremony. Tapered and lighted candles are used in the traditional marriages to symbolize the start of unity between the new couples. Unity sand involves the reciting of their unity which is the same as the lighting of the candle. However, they differ in the replacement of the sand with the candle. Sand is very famous in the marriages as it is readily available and does not face the problems which may be encountered by lit candles. During the marriage ceremony, the lit candle can be blown off by wind hence disrupting the proceedings of the occasion. If the ceremony is conducted in an open area, the candle may be put out by wind. Memorable moments are enhanced by the sand pouring which is done by the engaging couples.

The unity sand set carries the memorable parts of the marriage after the completion of the wedding. It captures the memorable days of the couples’ life. There is a large glass vase which contains two small style tubes. The mothers of the couples have the responsibility of filling the two small glass vases with sand. The same people sets down the main glass vase. Two of the colored sand are the d?cor of the wedding with the remaining one being white to represent the unity and peace of the ceremony. The officiant usually pour the white sand into the main vase which is large. This occurs at the beginning of the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the importance of the grooms and brides faith in their relationship.

The groom starts the process of pouring the colored sand into the main glass. Immediately after the groom is through with the pouring, the bride will follow the procedure and will pour small portions of the colored sand into the large glass vase. The couples will pour this colored san at several intervals leading to the creation of sand layers. They will then pour simultaneously when they get closer to the end of their sand in order to balance the layers. The remaining sand will symbolize the completion of the wedding ceremony. When the colors blend, an image of the unity is portrayed. The main glass vase is covered at the top using the stopper bought with the set. A customized verse is used by the officiant to grace the wedding ceremony.

Sandy beaches are the best places to hold these unity sand ceremonies. Sand acts as a symbol of unity during marriages.

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